Oxygen can For Migraine helps in relieving you of the severe pain of migraines. Scientific studies have not been able to nail the cause of migraines but using oxygen therapy has been known to alleviate the severe migraine pain. If taking medicines has failed, you must try Air6 oxygen cylinder along with your current medication.

In 1940, Dr Francisco Alvarez, M.D., of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota conducted research on hundred migraine patients using oxygen therapy. The results of the research demonstrated that 80% of the patients either completely recovered or showed significylindert improvement in the alleviation of the symptoms of migraine. However, the findings of the research were effective only when the treatment was given in the initial stages of the migraine.

Since Dr. Alvarez’s research, numerous studies have been conducted that demonstrate effective use of oxygen therapy helps in alleviating symptoms of migraine. Dr. Lee Kudrow studied the use of oxygen on cluster headaches and his results showed that 75% of the tested patients reported improvement. Air6  portable oxygen cylinder will help millions of migraine patients to get freedom from the severe pain of migraine.

Air6 oxygen cylinder is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the patients. The portable oxygen cylinder can be carried around easily allowing you to live unafraid of the paralyzing pains of cluster headaches and migraine. Air6 oxygen can is manufactured under approved drug licenses with strict quality control measures.

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