Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by viral infection of nose, throat and lungs. It is contagious and can mild to severe illness, sometimes can even lead to death. It is best to prevent it by taking vaccine every year. In case you get influenza, Air6 oxygen can for influenza for providing more oxygen to the body for promoting health and healing. Oxygen therapy is one of the ways to fight and cure the pathogens of influenza. The therapy helps our bodies in two ways. Firstly, it offers the more oxygen to the body for carrying out its daily tasks. Secondly, it offers extra free oxygen molecules that are free to react with other free radical molecules such as toxins or pathogens and will destroy or oxidize them. Air6 oxygen cylinder will help by strengthening your immune system and as well as by oxidizing the pathogens. There are many oxygen therapies such as pure oxygen, supplemental oxygen and hyper-baric oxygen therapy. Air6 oxygen can could be used as a pure oxygen therapy by patients suffering from chronic lung and respiratory diseases. Our oxygen cylinder provides 5 times more oxygen than the usual 21% oxygen from the atmospheric air. This increases the level of oxygen available in the body. This would enable you body in fighting against the flu viruses in your body. Apart from strengthening your immune system for fight against infections such as influenza, Air6 portable oxygen cylinder will also help you headaches, fatigue, migraine, back pain, sciatica, neuralgia and promote vigor and energy.

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  • Medical Oxygen Cylinders Of 70 Liters to 7000 Liters ( 500ml to 47 Liters Water Capacity of 99% IP Grade For Medical Applications continues Use As Per Doctor Recommendation Are Also Available Separately and can be supplied by Separate Medical oxygen Cylinder Divn.
  • Medical Oxygen Cans Of 6 Liters IP Grade for Medical Applications for intermittent use only and use under doctor advice only (Not for prevent and cure diseases) and can be supplied by Separate Medical oxygen can Divn.