Air6 has introduced Oxygen can for Emphysema which is the best treatment for patients suffering from respiratory diseases. Emphysema is one of the respiratory disorders. It is an irreversible condition and there is no known cure for it. Oxygen therapy aims to alleviate the symptoms and stop it from spreading. Our medical oxygen cylinder help the patients in getting adequate supply of oxygen.

Alongside of using supplemental oxygen, the patients of emphysema must quit smoking. Quitting smoking would slow down the decline of the lungs quite significylindertly. Apart from breathing from the medical oxygen can, the patients are advised to breathe slowly through pursed lips that enable them to exhale more effectively. Exercising regularly is also recommended to the patients who are in good shape. It is recommended that you must consult a doctor before starting an exercise regimen. Often, emphysema may require medications, oxygen therapy and respiratory therapy.

Oxygen therapy is recommended only for advanced cases of emphysema. The physician would measure blood oxygen levels using oximetry before deciding whether the therapy would benefit the patient. Studies demonstrate that oxygen therapy is beneficial for patients with emphysema having low levels of blood oxygen. Air6 offers portable oxygen can for the patients which they can take wherever they are, that is, walking, exercising or on a leisure or business trip. Air6 oxygen cylinder is made up of 99% pure oxygen and the remaining 1% is ambient air.

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