Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a respiratory disease in which oxygen supply to the lings is significylindertly hampered resulting in shortness of breath and hypoxia. oxygen can for copd helps in increasing the oxygen supply to the lungs and into the bloodstream. We launched the portable oxygen cylinder for especially keeping in mind the needs of 66 million COPD patients.

Severe COPD obstructs the flow of oxygen into the lungs quite significylindertly where the patient has no recourse except to be supplied more oxygen from the outside. There are oxygen concentrators the patients can use at home but they are bulky. Our portable medical oxygen cylinder are meant for use on the go. Air6 oxygen cylinder offers an ideal solution for COPD patients who want to lead an active and full life but are restricted by having to carry the bulky concentrators.

Now, there is no need to stay at home or a hospital for taking oxygen. You can go about living your normal life accomplishing daily tasks by using medical oxygen cylinder. COPD patients can enhance the quality of their life if they continue to use oxygen on a long term basis. This would enable you to live longer even if you have severe COPD and low oxygen levels. As you would continue to use oxygen can, it is likely that you will start feeling more energetic and less shortness of breath. However, you would require hospitalization for oxygen therapy if you will start feeling increased shortness of breath.

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Medical Oxygen Cans Of 9 Liters IP Grade for Medical Applications for intermittent use only and use under doctor advice only (Not for prevent and cure diseases) and can be supplied by Separate Medical oxygen can Divn