APSOLABS Private Ltd is one of the fastest growing company within the chronic and acute categories of the Indian Branded Formulations market such as  Medical Oxygen Can & Cylinders, Respiratory devices, antibiotics, vitamins, dermatology and gastroenterology.

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Expert Says

Air Pollution is now a days increasing like anything's,high air pollution may affects our health . High air pollution increasing risk of many disease such as Asthma,COPD ,Lung Cancer etc.During this people may get asthma attack ,In case of emergency people may get benefit from portable oxygen cylinder till they reach to nearest hospital. Increasing plantation may reduce air pollution.


Designation: MBBS MD Chest Physician

Portable oxygen Cylinder is very useful product which is a first add products for every patients .Thanks to APSOLABs ING.L.&A.BOSCHI ITALY for launching product in Indian market

Dr Sanjay Singh

MD physician
Hospital Name: Sharda Narayan Hospital Mau
Designation: MBBD MD Physician

Now a days air pollution in India increasing like any thing ,air pollution is affecting health of people .I thanks to APSOLABS ING.L&A. BOSCHI ITALY for initiation of various activity for people awareness 

Dr Binod Singh

Jeevan Jyoti Clinic
Hospital Name: Dr Binod Singh
Designation: Jeevan Jyoti Clinic Sunderpur Varanasi

I thanks to APSOLABS ING.L&A. BOSCHI to bring  a portable medical Oxygen Cylinder and Can for the people require at Respiratory emergency .Portable oxygen cylinders are very useful and can be carry during travel also

Dr S K Pathak

Breath easy Hospital Varanasi
Hospital Name: Dr S K Pathak
Designation: Breath Easy Varanasi

Portable medical oxygen can and cylinders are very unique pharmaceutical products which can save life of many .I thanks to APSOLABS ING.L&A.BOSCHI ITALY  for launching portable oxygen first time in India 

Dr Rajendra Prasad

Hospital Name: ERA Medical College
Designation: Dr B C Roy Awardee

In case of respiratory emergency Oxygen can & portable Cylinders can be life saving tool  Thanks to Apsolabs ING.BOSCHI for launching such a very useful products in Indian market which was much needed 

Dr Ravi Bhasker

Dr Ravi Bhasker
Hospital Name: Dr Ravi Bhasker Clinic
Designation: Indra Nager Lucknow